Financial donations to the Regina German Club can be made in person at the club. Speak with Lounge staff/management for details. Tax receipts may be issued for donations of $50 or more.

Thank you to the following individuals who have donated to the club in 2017.

Platinum Donations (over $1000)

Paul Brunette

Gold Donations ($501 – $1000)

Bruno Kossmann

Silver Donations ($101 – $500)

Succulent Sale

Olé Michaelsen

Jean & Garey Schlecter

Karnevalsgesellschaft Harmonie

Christina and Lorne MacLennan

Aaron Witjes

Patrick A. Kossmann

Andy & Ida Griszina

Bronze Donations ($1 – $100)

Hildregard & Clemens Boehm

Janice Salter

Pampered Chef

Cynthia Martin

Penny Anderson

Marilou Eagan

Rose Walter

Railin Knaus

Sheila Aldous

Julie Zerr

Darlene Rubrecht

Andreas Land

Eva Wasserle

Carmen Knaus

Alvin Knoll

Andrew MacLeod

Twyla and Jim Virtue

Jordon Virtue

Dan and Ashlan Brodt

Arin Dolph

Scott Wilson

Blair Hornung

Shawn MacLennan

Glenn Valgardson

Mel Westaff

Elka Eisenzimmer

Bryce Van loosen

Judd Stachoski

Janette Seibel

Carla Harris

Kerri Van loosen

Curtis Lizee

Rebellion Brewery