Multi-Day Event
1727 St John St
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 1R8

Curtain Fund Raising

We are the German-Canadian Society “Harmonie” (also called Regina German Club) located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

It was founded in 1955 by a small group of Saskatchewan-based families interested in preserving the rich Germanic history, culture, language, and traditions of their homeland.
The basic objective of our club is to promote the mutual understanding of the German and Canadian cultures, and to aid and encourage social and community life among Canadians of German birth or decent in the city of Regina or elsewhere in the Province of Saskatchewan.

Our building has been neglected for many years. At the top of the long list of repairs/upgrades needed is our hall stage curtains. We have been informed by the fire department that they do not meet required fire code, and we have been provided estimates stating that suitable replacements will run between $8,000 and $10,000.

The funds raised will go directly to the purchase of new curtains. We have received quotes and are prepared to buy the curtains right away.

We’ve been given a deadline to replace the curtains, or they must be taken down (this will affect our ability to rent the hall), resulting in a loss of income, which will further strain the club’s finances.

The club has been an essential part of the City of Regina for 60 years. We provide cultural experiences for the community at large and serve as community cornerstone for a wide variety of events.

Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated by the Board of Directors.

Please go to our fundraising page to help the club. 
Thank you!