Das Schulhaus

Das-SchulhausDas Schulhaus is a non-profit German Language School for the Regina Community and area to teach and promote the German language and culture in a contemporary, efficient and non-political environment. Das Schulhaus teachers are members of SATG (Saskatchewan Association of Teachers of German). As well, some of our teachers are participating in the “Mini Lessons Program” hosted by SOHL which provides eight hours of our heritage language and multidimensional aspects of our German culture to public-school classrooms.

Currently the school offers a variety of courses at Campbell Collegiate in Regina:

  • Spiel – und Lernkreis (ages 3 – 8)
  • Adult Beginner Class,
  • Teen Beginner Class,
  • Teen Advanced Class,
  • Deutsches Sprachdiplom A2 / DSD-A2 Preparation Class
  • Children classes: 5-18 years
  • High School credit class
  • DSD (German proficiency exam) Preparations
  • Adult classes: all levels
  • Travel class
  • Bilingual preschool (soon to come)

For more information or how to register for German language school, please contact the following for more information:

Email: dasSchulhaus@gmail.com
Website: www.dasSchulhaus.org
Phone: 306-550-8959

The Regina German Club also offers memberships to any and all people interested in joining our Club. Best part of all, you don’t have to be German to partake.

All are welcome!